As a little girl I have always had love for fashion and creativity so while in school, I decided to pursue a career in accounting and turn my passion into a side hustle.


After my MSc program in the University of Ibadan, i job hunted for over 2 years with nothing tangible to show for it so with God’s direction and approval I finally turned my passion into a full time job and built a team over time.

At Becawax, we produce exquisite handcrafted bags, footwear and accessories with African prints (Ankara, Adire, asooke) mixed with contemporary prints (jean, leather) all sourced from our local market to add pop of colors and subtle touch of African to your outfit.

We started from making our BecaFam preorder and gave a window of 8-10 working days for production but after a while we noticed this wasn’t sustainable. Right now, we have so many bags and accessories available for immediate delivery